Mitchell PTA Sponsorship Opportunities

It takes a village to raise a child.  Most of our operating budget comes from the Fun Run. This year, we’re introducing a new Sponsorship Program to help offset the costs of delivering PTA programs to our students and teachers. Here is how your sponsorship dollars will make a difference in our classrooms:

  • Teacher classroom funding up to $200 per teacher, used for storage bins, books, ink cartridges etc. ($9600)
  • Mini-grants for classroom supplies or special classroom projects ($5000)
  • 3 RIF (“Reading is Fundamental” events where students choose a book to keep ($4500)
  • Professional Development Opportunities for teachers ($5850)
  • Meet the Teacher, Tears and Cheers Breakfast, Men’s & Women’s Bobcat Breakfast events, and 2 Conference Night dinners for teachers ($4000)
  • Classroom periodicals ($3000)
  • All teacher and staff appreciation events throughout the year ($3000)
  • Take-home folders ($4000)
  • BrainPop Computer Program used in classrooms ($1200)
  • Music & Arts Programs ($1000), Guidance Department expenses ($650), and Media Center expenses ($2200)
  • Insurance, bank fees, office expenses, website costs ($3000)
  • Landscaping for the school ($5300)
  • Family Outreach Programs ($3000)


There are 4 business sponsorship levels available through the PTA. Participating at one of our 4 sponsorship levels comes with the benefit of earning exposure to the Mitchell community of families and parents. You will also be funding PTA events through the year like the Fun Run, directory publication, Fall Festival, Movie Night, the Golf Classic and MORE! In-Kind donations will achieve sponsorship benefits if the value of the donation meets the levels listed below. Unique sponsorship packages can also be tailored according to your business’ objectives.

We are also always looking to strengthen our community partnerships. If you are interested in partnering with the Mitchell Elementary PTA, please send an email to

PTA Business Sponsorship Opportunities

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