Education Referendum Info

General Referendum Info
There will be an education referendum on the November 6th ballot to raise much-needed funds for Hillsborough County public schools.  Please note the referendum will be towards the very end of the ballot, so please be sure to go to the end of your ballot to vote for this referendum and invest in our schools!  Click here for a full Referendum Review Q&A.

Why Do We Need this Referendum?
Florida public school funding per student is approximately $4000 (or 36%) below the national average!  Florida ranks 44th in the nation for public education funding.  Our District cannot keep up with the financial needs of our schools with this inadequate funding.  While state level funding is still critically needed, we need to support our schools on a local level to catch up from years of inadequate funds.

How Much Will this Referendum Generate?
The referendum will generate $131 million per year for 10 years.

How Will the Funds Be Used?
The funds will be used to repair and replace A/C’s, maintain school buildings, improve classroom technology, enhance safety & security and to build new schools. The District has a clear 10-year plan of projects that will be funded by the referendum, including a school-by-school list!

Who Will Oversee the Spending of Referendum Funds?
There will be a citizen oversight committee to review the spending, progress and completion of all projects funded by the referendum.  The committee wil be comprised of 6 private citizens (not affiliated with the District) and one District member.  The committee will be chaired by Betty Castor.

How Much Will You Invest in the Referendum?
The average Hillsborough County household will spend only $63 per year on this investment in our students!

How Can You Learn More?
There are several ways to learn more about the referendum:

  • Attend an upcoming District Town Hall where District Superintendent Jeff Eakins will present information and answer questions
  • The District has created this comprehensive tool kit which answers almost any question you may have
  • STAC members are here to answer questions and share information.  Please email Alisha Stephens with questions or to share information.

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