Student & Teacher Advocacy Committee

The Mitchell PTA created the Student & Teacher Advocacy Committee (STAC) in response to the lack of state funding for our public schools.  Our goal has been to gain a strong understanding of the issues and share that information with you, our Mitchell families, through PTA channels such as meetings, the PTA website, the PTA Facebook page, Bobcat Blasts, etc.

Florida public school funding per student is approximately $4000 (or 36%) below the national average!  Our State Legislators passed a budget in March that increases funding by only $0.47 per student after paying for underfunded school security mandates.  Adjusted for inflation, the 2018-19 per student budget is almost 18% less than pre-recession 2007-08 funding.  Please click here for more details.  Last year, our State Legislators passed House Bill 7069 that requires 50% of Public Education Capital Outlay (PECO) funds to go to charter schools, even though only 11% of students in Florida attend charters.  To learn more, please click here

Most of our public school funding – and policies – are decided by our State Legislators (House Representatives, FL Senators and the Governor).  In recent years, the State has made decisions that have had a severely negative impact on our public education system.  Both last and this year, they passed bills that divert significant funding away from traditional public schools.  

While public education legislation is political by its very nature, we ALL have children in public schools.  We ALL are in this together.  Regardless of broad political viewpoints, let’s unite on this critical topic.  Let’s unite in learning together how to advocate for our children.  Let’s unite to fight for what ALL children in this state deserve – access to a free and equal quality education.  We are a strong community of leaders, made stronger when we unite our voices. 

We hope that you will join STAC in this fight for our students and teachers.  We invite ALL PTA members to join our meetings where we welcome all viewpoints and learn the issues together as a team.  Please see important STAC dates below.

If you’d like to be involved with the committee or if you have questions or suggestions, please contact our STAC Co-Chairs, Alisha Stephens & Becky Ferrell-Anton.

STAC Flyers & Additional Resources:

STAC General Summary Sheet, July 2018

Per Student Funding (FEFP) Summary Sheet, April 2018

Summary of Effects of HB 7069 On Public School Capital Funding, April 2018

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