Dear Mitchell Families,

I am excited and honored to serve again as the PTA President during the 2021-22 school year.  I’d first like to welcome back all of our incredible returning families.  To our new families, we welcome you to the Mitchell Community and your new home away from home 😊.  I know we are all hopeful for a more typical looking year after almost a year and a half of restrictions.  Our PTA and administration will work together to have as many events as we can while keeping safety as the top priority.

Mitchell Elementary is an exceptional school.  We are extremely lucky to have administration and faculty that are devoted to and passionate about the academic and emotional well being of our children.  I believe it is because of them that we have such a strong PTA with so many families eager to support their mission.   Families, staff and community members partner together to accomplish PTA programs such as the Fall Festival, Movie Night, and Heritage Night as well as raise funds to provide teacher reimbursements, mini grants and professional development opportunities. 

Whether you are new to Mitchell Elementary or new to PTA, we invite you to become as involved as you would like to be.  By joining the PTA, you are not committing to any sort of time requirement – we benefit from your ideas and any amount of volunteer hours.   We always welcome new members to jump right in – new people bring new ideas!  To all of our wonderful returning members, thank you for your continued support of our school.  We thrive because of each of you!

In the following pages, you’ll find PTA Board contact information, the PTA calendar for this school year, FAQs and committee and event descriptions.  We hope these will help you both to understand our events as a new or returning Mitchell family and our committee volunteer opportunities as a PTA member.

We have also included a current PTA Board roster.  Please do not hesitate to contact any of us with questions of any kind.


With warmest wishes,


Alisha Stephens
Mitchell Elementary PTA President, 2021-2022